Hollywood Story Hack – Introduction

Who would not want enter in the hollywood story and feel like really a superstar, get many fans around the world through media, TV or internet. Recently in the games world, many similar games appeared at the mobiles phones ie. Android and iOS, but my only one experience with this game from nanobit was in iPhone that’s why i don’t know how situations is seen in Android.
In Hollywood Story you coould become best actor or stay as unknown actor, so we have to try keep our career in good place to stay near to other stars as long as we can and be noticed by managers and directors.
Game at the first is surprising us nice graphics and music. However to be good player all the time you have need to take care of resources in account, it’s not possible just playing and playing to garner a lot of cash and diamonds.
And then I, developer who like it playing want to help you reach a top in Hollywood Story.

About Hack

My app hack was created using newest programmist technology with for example Xamarin which is the best software for C# i have seen. Xamarin is really good comunicating with mobile OS’s as well.
To correct work you need telefon with admin privileges and at least my application of course which you can download here without any problems. Usual factory phone unfortunately doesn’t have that feature that can edit all files in disk and my application need it so you gotta download jailbreak for iOS(iPhone, iPads etc.)(I posted about jailbreak, you can check) and making rooted Android phone what is in my opinion very easy to do, you need to google “[your phone] root” and search for interesting links.
But enough about requirements, app is self-updating for new version of the game and set needed tools to re-config settings in xml file. Xml file has settings and game datas so app have to access to that file.
Beta version was finished few weeks ago so now i can call it stable.

Features App Hack

After installed application launch it and set what you want for, two main options, infinite amount of free gems, money are located at center, turn on or turn off it, depend what you would. Also I placed browser to watching other games and that’s it. It is simple, elastic and ready to play. Click apply or done, after a while everyting is changed, hollywood story should to work.
Remember, all settings are saved so you can back to it everyday.

In iTunes

In itunes shop yo can’t buy million diamonds(haha), producer offers only few pieces for a big price, somtimes are available discounts but still very poor.
If you want be clean buy it but after few days all resources will be expired and it is only disposable shot. Better is have my app and use it when you would to and for free.
In game we can find passes which can be punched in to get some rewards.

About gameplay

You starting as noname in showbusiness and you will have to reach the top. Your basis is apperance and some gold. Mian task is doing stories, and collect gems or cash.
By cash you can buy some stacks from butiq, make a funny hairdo or fill energy by coffee drink.
Energy is very important problem here, for every movement you losing points energy so be a carefully before making choice.
To prevent monotony find friends and invite to co-play

App for iOS

App for Android



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