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One battle turned the tide of war
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Midway () BluRay (1080p) EN

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Midway ()
Midway () Midway () 6.4 / 10 by 92 users
Original Title:Midway
Release: 2019-11-06
Country: China, United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 138 min.
Genre: War, History, Action, Drama

 Production Company:Centropolis Entertainment, Bona Film Group, Providence Entertainment, Lionsgate
 Plot Keyword:world war ii, battle of midway, pacific theater, 1940s
 Alternative Titles:
  • 決戰中途島


Lieutenant Richard 'Dick' Best

Characters : Lieutenant Richard 'Dick' Best

Actor : Ed Skrein

Rear Admiral Edwin T. Layton

Characters : Rear Admiral Edwin T. Layton

Actor : Patrick Wilson

Commander Wade McClusky

Characters : Commander Wade McClusky

Actor : Luke Evans

Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle

Characters : Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle

Actor : Aaron Eckhart

Bruno Gaido

Characters : Bruno Gaido

Actor : Nick Jonas

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Characters : Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Actor : Woody Harrelson

Anne Best

Characters : Anne Best

Actor : Mandy Moore

Vice Admiral William 'Bull' Halsey

Characters : Vice Admiral William 'Bull' Halsey

Actor : Dennis Quaid

Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi

Characters : Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi

Actor : Tadanobu Asano

Vice Admiral Chūichi Nagumo

Characters : Vice Admiral Chūichi Nagumo

Actor : Jun Kunimura

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Characters : Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Actor : Etsushi Toyokawa

Chief Aviation Radioman James Murray

Characters : Chief Aviation Radioman James Murray

Actor : Keean Johnson

Lieutenant Clarence Earle Dickinson

Characters : Lieutenant Clarence Earle Dickinson

Actor : Luke Kleintank

Commander Eugene Lindsey

Characters : Commander Eugene Lindsey

Actor : Darren Criss

Ensigh O’Flaherty

Characters : Ensigh O’Flaherty

Actor : Russell Dennis Lewis

Cmdr. Minoru Genda

Characters : Cmdr. Minoru Genda

Actor : Peter Shinkoda

Captain Tomeo Kaku

Characters : Captain Tomeo Kaku

Actor : Nobuya Shimamoto

Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance

Characters : Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance

Actor : Jake Weber

Captain Miles Browning

Characters : Captain Miles Browning

Actor : Eric Davis

Commander Joseph Rochefort

Characters : Commander Joseph Rochefort

Actor : Brennan Brown

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