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Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan () BluRay (1080p) EN

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Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan ()
Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan () Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan () 6.8 / 10 by 12 users
Title:Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan
Original Title:Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan
Release: 2019-08-08
Country: Australia
Language: English
Runtime: min.
Genre: War, Action, Drama, History

 Production Company:Red Dune Films, Full Clip Productions, Transmission Pictures
 Plot Keyword:australia, war, casualty of war
 Alternative Titles:
  • Long Tan
  • Danger Close Die Schlacht von Long Tan
  • Danger Close


Major Harry Smith

Characters : Major Harry Smith

Actor : Travis Fimmel

Private Noel Grimes

Characters : Private Noel Grimes

Actor : Nicholas Hamilton

Brigadier David Jackson

Characters : Brigadier David Jackson

Actor : Richard Roxburgh

Sergeant Bob Buick

Characters : Sergeant Bob Buick

Actor : Luke Bracey

Private Paul Large

Characters : Private Paul Large

Actor : Daniel Webber

Flight Lieutenant Frank Riley

Characters : Flight Lieutenant Frank Riley

Actor : Myles Pollard

Colonel Colin Townsend

Characters : Colonel Colin Townsend

Actor : Anthony Hayes

CSM Jack Kirby

Characters : CSM Jack Kirby

Actor : Alexander England

Captain Morrie Stanley

Characters : Captain Morrie Stanley

Actor : Aaron Glenane

Private Kevin Graham

Characters : Private Kevin Graham

Actor : Lincoln Lewis


Characters : Deacon

Actor : Ben Esler

Lieutenant Geoff Kendal

Characters : Lieutenant Geoff Kendal

Actor : Travis Jeffery

Private Colin Whiston

Characters : Private Colin Whiston

Actor : Sam Fraser

Lieutenant Gordon Sharp

Characters : Lieutenant Gordon Sharp

Actor : Mojean Aria

Corporal Buddy Lea

Characters : Corporal Buddy Lea

Actor : Lasarus Ratuere

Private Dave Thomas

Characters : Private Dave Thomas

Actor : Beau Jones

Phil Doc Dobson

Characters : Phil Doc Dobson

Actor : Sam Cotton

Lance Corporal Barry Magnussen

Characters : Lance Corporal Barry Magnussen

Actor : Felix Johnson


Characters : Trojan

Actor : Paul Allica

Private Barry 'Custard' Meller

Characters : Private Barry 'Custard' Meller

Actor : Ryan Hance

Little Pattie

Characters : Little Pattie

Actor : Emmy Dougall

Private Alf Bartlett

Characters : Private Alf Bartlett

Actor : Ethan Robinson

Private Jim Richmond

Characters : Private Jim Richmond

Actor : Connor Clarke

Private Ron Eglinton

Characters : Private Ron Eglinton

Actor : Jordan Abbey-Young

Sergeant Paddy Todd

Characters : Sergeant Paddy Todd

Actor : Sean Lynch

Private Frank Topp

Characters : Private Frank Topp

Actor : Julian Cullen

Private John Heslewood

Characters : Private John Heslewood

Actor : Jarryd Doyle

Bombardier Willie Walker

Characters : Bombardier Willie Walker

Actor : Jharaiz Kiriona

Lance Corporal John Robbins

Characters : Lance Corporal John Robbins

Actor : Julian Lawrence

Sergeant Neil Rankin

Characters : Sergeant Neil Rankin

Actor : Tom Yaxley

Gunner Murry

Characters : Gunner Murry

Actor : Richard Te Are

Private Kenny Gant

Characters : Private Kenny Gant

Actor : James Storer

Flt Lt. Bob Grandin

Characters : Flt Lt. Bob Grandin

Actor : Alex Neal

Private Yank Akell

Characters : Private Yank Akell

Actor : Toby Blome

Joy Boy Drummer

Characters : Joy Boy Drummer

Actor : Benjamin Shannon

Australian Soldier

Characters : Australian Soldier

Actor : Niam Mayes

Australian Soldier

Characters : Australian Soldier

Actor : Steven Brown

Australian Soldier

Characters : Australian Soldier

Actor : Clint Wasserman

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